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Used trucks tanker

 471 ads of used lorries tanker

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Main truck brands :

Mercedes, MAN, Renault, Iveco, Volvo, DAF, Scania, Nissan
Tank Truck The tank truck is a carrier equipped with a stainless steel tank. It is used to transport liquid goods, gases or powders. Hydrocarbon tankers are used to transport fuels (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc.). Food tankers are intended for the transport of edible foodstuffs (wine, oil) and can be refrigerated, for example for transporting milk. Chemical tank carriers can contain acids, ethanol, caustic soda and other fluids used in industry. Powder tank trucks are used to move chemicals, food or minerals in powder form. Tar tank carriers transport liquid bitumen, and gas tank trucks are used to deliver LPG or LNG. Tank carriers, because they often transport explosive or flammable materials, are subject to ADR regulations (Agreement for the transport of dangerous goods by road): they are equipped with specific signs, fire extinguishers, toxic vapor recovery systems, and their tightness is regularly checked. A tank truck can be single-tank or multi-tank depending on whether its tank has one or more storage compartments. A tank carrying chemicals must be corrosion resistant. Powder tanks can be udder (emptying from below) or tilting (emptying from the rear like a skip). Most tanks are equipped with a pump to empty or fill them. Maintenance operations are carried out through a manhole which allows the passage of a person. Browse ads for used tanker carriers from the brands Renault, Iveco, Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, Scania, DAF.
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