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Main coach brands :

Irisbus, Mercedes, MAN, Setra, Iveco, Van Hool, Bova, Neoplan
A coach is a road vehicle of the heavy goods vehicle family intended for the transport of passengers over long distances, or TRV (road passenger transport). Coaches are thus used to make interurban connections from bus stations, or tourist trips. Over shorter distances, they are used for school bus service. A coach can have two floors, and it is always equipped with compartments for the transport of luggage and seats for the passengers. It is indeed compulsory to be seated during a coach journey, and, since 2003, to wear a seat belt, under penalty of personal liability in the event of an accident. Since the Dion-Bouton steam station wagon which circulated in 1898, coaches have benefited from technical innovations which have made them more comfortable (reclining seats, toilets, air conditioning, tablets, WiFi, etc.) and safer: in order to limit risks related to alcohol, since September 2015, legislation has required the presence of an alcohol immobilizer in each coach. The bus made it possible to democratize travel and experienced a significant boom during the time of the first paid holidays, until it competed with the train. Replaced by the private car and high-speed trains, it could experience success again thanks to the liberalization authorized by the Macron law in 2015. Coaches will indeed be successful on journeys where rail links are insufficient. or none. Find adverts for used coaches from the brands Renault, Mercedes, Iveco Bus, VDL Bova, Neoplan.
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