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Via Mobilis - Updated: on 2019-08-27 15:59:59 - By Marie ANDRE


by Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes tendency to develop innovative vehicles is not to be proven. After the Actros launched two years prior and designed for long distance haulage, the Atego is a versatile model, appreciated for their long distance capacities as well as the services in cities thanks to the multiple configuration possibilities.

Used Atego trucks  Used Atego tractor units

Its main advantages

Launched in 1998, the Atego by Mercedes doesn’t waste time to mark its generation since the same year, it won the « Truck of the Year » award, a reward i twill also get in 2011 with a redesigned Atego 2. Like the Actros that replaced the SK range two years before, the Atego implemented lots of changes in comparison to the LK range to which it succeeds.

First made for the city, the Atego range imposed itself among the lighter trucks that are usually found in the distribution and collection industries. Taking advantage of the Telligent strategy by Mercedes-Benz, it stands out bu its efficiency and reliability.

In terms of profitability

Whether it is used for urban distribution or for long distance haulage, the Atego by Mercedes has tried to adapt to the requirements of both sectors. After its launch, the Atego ranch includes 25 basic models with a total of 240 variations. In terms of profitability, the Atego fast became a champion in its category with long maintenance interval (100.000km), its great performances, as well as the innovations that limit the fuel consumption.

In terms of comfort and safety

As written above, if the Atego fast became one of the leaders in its category, it’s not only thanks to its modularity and the different technologic innovations it brings to the transport industry but also thanks to the high level of comfort and safety. For urban uses, the Atego stood out when loading and unloading the freight. Furthermore, the four types of cab offered with the Atego allow to choose an adapted configuration to the different applications.

Regarding safety, Mercedes has equipped the truck with a disc brake system, controlled electronically with the Telligent system.  Associated with a well-balanced suspension, Mercedes found the ideal recipe for a truck combining performance, comfort and safety.



The Atego 1 (1998)

The first generation of Atego was launched in 1998 to succeed to the LK range of the German manufacturer. Equipped with engines from the 900 series with four or six cylinders, the Atego meets the requirements of the Euro 3 norm that was only mandatory in 2000.
By using the innovations that modernize the SK range with the Actros, Mercedes has created a light truck (12 to 40 tonnes) that can be used for a large number of applications, from construction vehicles to collection and distribution.

For urban use, the Atego stood out for its variety of configurations. With 4 cabs that each have 3 variations, the Atego also offers 15 axle configurations, as well as 5 different transmissions with  6 to 12 gears, with an 5-gear automatic transmission.


The Atego 2 (2004)

Six years after the success of the the Atego 1 (more than 170.000 vehicles sold), the second generation came into play. The Atego once again took advantage of the innovations brought several years prior by the Actros MP2, especially the redesigned front of the cab.

The main improvements to highlight this year are inside the cab redesigned and made bigger for the comfort of the driver. A new 9-gear transmission is also offered, as well as three new passenger compartments for urban use, medium-haul and long-haul uses.

Then, Mercedes divided the Atego range in 2006, by including in the Axor range all the Atego models of more than 18 tonnes. In 2010, all the engines from the Atego range comply with the EEV norm. That year was also the time for a change for the Atego 2 with three engines from 127 to 282 hp meeting the Bluetec Euro V norm requirement.





Photo credits: ©Mercedes-Benz

The Atego 3 (2013)

The Atego 3, latest generation at this time, showcases the modernization of the « light » range by Mercedes-Benz.
Redesigned to offer a spacious area in the cab and especially for the driving position, the Atego is also equipped, on every model, with an automatic PowerShift 3 gearbox, even though a mechanical gearbox is still available as an option. The drivers also have a on-board computer on this Atego 3.

In terms of kinematics, there are seven engines (4 and 6 cylinders) with outputs ranging from 156 and 295 hp, meeting the requirements of the Euro VI norm.

The important innovation is on the vehicles designed for low tonnage uses. A new BlueEfficiency Power OM 934 engine (154 to 228 hp) is offered to meet the needs of the distribution indsutry. Mercedes has not forgotten about the medium-haul and long-haul industries as they offer a new  six-cylinder engine, the Common Rail OM 936 (235 to 295 hp).