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Via Mobilis - Updated: on 2019-10-16 13:48:13 - By Marie ANDRE

 Stralis d'Iveco

by Iveco

The Iveco Stralis is a truck which production started in 2002. On the crest of its commercial success, in 2003 Iveco saw the Stralis receive the « Truck of the Year » award. Equipped with a Cursor engine with output ranging from 400 to 540 hp, the Stralis range has, then, evolved with the two following generations, then the latest by the Italian manufacturer by focusing on fuel savings and ecology, without reducing the power output.

Used Stralis trucks  Used Stralis tractor units

Its main advantages

The Iveco Stralis : synonymous with reliability

One of the main argument of the Stralis range, it’s probably its great reliability that was experienced by professionals from its launch in 2002. The challenge for Iveco, during this time, was to give to transport industry professionals a truck meeting the competitivity requirements. Another strong point of the Stralis models : Iveco, the Italian manufacturer, continued innovating in this range, first with Stralis II series from 2007, then with the Stralis Hi-Way in 2012.

Innovate for competitiveness

Iveco has taken into consideration decisive factors to innovate and allow its truck ranges to be efficient for every possibility with a reduced global exploitation cost, optimised performances as well as increased safety.
Offered with different Cursor engines as well as a Eurotronic automatic gearbox, the Stralis range has lots of advantages.

The development of the first series has brought Iveco further with the Stralis NP - Natural Power – that plays a small revolution in the transport industry. Made for sustainable transport, this truck only uses natural gas.


 Principaux atouts d'Iveco Stralis
 Iveco Stralis I (2003)

The Stralis I (2002)

The first series from the Stralis range was introduced in 2002 by Iveco by offering three different engines :  430 hp with Cursor 10 engine, then 480 and 540 hp thanks to the Cursor 13.

Before improving on the Stralis range, the Cursor engines, have first equipped, starting in 1998, the famous Euro Star range (Cursor 6). This is a diesel engine that has already worked for other trucks and is known for its performances.

On the Stralis, this engine is paired with a Euro Tronic automatic 12-gear gearbox, also offered with a 16-gear option for the two most powerful models (480 and 540 hp).

It is important to highlight that the potential of the Stralis goes beyond the 540 hp imposed by its European manufacturing in Ulm, Germany. Indeed, the Australian version has a maximum output of 600 hp.


The Stralis II (2007)

With the Stralis II, Iveco completely rethink its range with a very different cab on the inside as well as on the outside. The engines are slightly more powerful with a reduced fuel coonsumption of nearly 7.5 % compared with the first series.

These modifications show the start of a new approach by Iveco : the adoption of new standards in terms of efficiency and competitiveness meeting the requirements of the road transport industry.


 Iveco Stralis II (2007)
 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way (2012)

The Stralis Hi-Way (2012)

With the Stralis Hi-Way, Iveco started to stand out from its competitors by manufacturing trucks with reduced fuel consumption with a global exploitation costs (TCO) slightly reduced.

Iveco took a place on the sustainable mobility segment without overlooking safety, efficiency and  performances. It was declined in a range of eight outputs for the diesel versions (310 to 560 hp) and three NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) from 270 to 330 hp.

With its new cab combining ergonomy and safety as well as aerodynamics in order to reduce the fuel consumption, Iveco offers certified engines meeting the requirements of the Euro 5 norm in 2007, then the Euro 6 in 2012 with the patented HI-eSCR (catalytique reduction system) technology.

Other major evolutions came with this third series, such as the Driving Style Evaluation Iveconnect and Iveconnect Fleet that help with navigation and fleet management, or new electronic systems such as the EBS and the ESP.

Always available in 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 versions, this third series includes three different cab models: the Hi-Way, Hi-Road and Hi-Street cabs.


The new Stralis, standard and XP versions (2016)

The third generation of Stralis was thought to become a champion of  TCO2, that means its product benefits from the best global exploitation cost (TCO), combined with the lower CO2 emissions.

The manufacturer announces a TCO reduced by 5.6 %, made possible by a 11% fuel use reduction. Iveco has made a point to improve the consumption of this new truck series, first argument to help be more competitive on their market. This Stralis uses numerous characteristics from the previous series (Hi-Way), especially regarding the inside and outside of the cab, but it also brings its own technology evolutions. You can find an Hi-TroniX automatic gearbox integrated in the kinematic chain, as well as the Smart EGR, Hi-SCR technologies, a new engine equipped with a redesigned suspension and a new Hi-Mux electronic architecture.

Iveco also offers this Stralis in XP version, especially designed for long distance transport. The Stralis XP benefits from several features that optimises performances: consumption reports, fleet management, intelligent materials, predictive cruise control.


 Iveco Stralis troisième génération

 Iveco Stralis Natural Power (2016)Photo credits: Iveco

The Stralis NP or "Natural Power" (2016)

The Stralis NP series is structured around three different motorisations : two LNG (liquefied natural gas) versions equipped with a Cursor 9 engine of  400 hp developping a 1700 nm torque (that was changed in 2017 with a Cursor 13 of  460 hp developping a 2000 nm torque), as well as a CNG (compressed natural gas).

Iveco also offers to pair these two technologies on the 4x2 tractor unit model, and offers a large choice of gearboxes.

The Stralis NP represents the first truck using natural gas made for urban transport but also long distance haulage. By offering similar performances then those of a diesel engine, it helps save fuel to up to 15 % in comparison with the previous version and and emits 99 % less fine particles and 60 % less NOx than what is required in the Euro 6 norm. We can also note that it is far more silent than a diesel engine and that it considerable reduces CO2 emissions.

This series is offered with three different types of cabs : the Active Day destined for missions where it is necessary to sleep in the truck, the Active Time for long haulage, and the Active Space 3, an almost cubic cab inspired by the second series of Stralis.