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Used washer truck

 12 ads of used washer truck

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Main washer truck brands :

Mercedes, MAN, Ravo, Daewoo, Ebro, Hyundai, Aebi Schmidt, Boschung
Road Washer Truck A road washer is a road machine used for washing the roadway. It is equipped with a large water tank with a capacity of up to several thousand liters, as well as a soap tank. An adjustable front ramp with high pressure pump allows it to spray water and soap onto the road. Unlike the small machines that are the self-propelled scrubber-dryer (walk-behind) and the ride-on scrubber-dryer (seated operator), the washer truck is a heavy vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. Some washer trucks are equipped with a hand lance that allows precise intervention in narrow or difficult to reach places. Most washers, produced by specialized manufacturers (BMV, Semat, Mecagil-Lebon) are mounted on chassis trucks from MAN, Mercedes, Scania or Volvo.
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