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Driving in Fall: the risks to avoid

ECI - le 11/19/2019 11:44 am - By
Miscellaneous Transport

As a foretaste of Winter, Fall is, in general, a relatively soft and pleasant season. However, it can also be dangerous for those on the road. In this article, we draw your attention to some typical risks of this season as well as the precautions which can be taken to avoid them.

Driving in Fall: the risks to avoid

Wild animals

As the days become shorter and the hunt-season begins, wild animals crossing the roads are not a rare sight. Be very careful, especially when approaching forests. The speed kept at the moment of a potential collision greatly affects the level of its damage.

Low Sun-angle

Rays of sun striking at lower angles can have a disabling and even blinding effect, besides, they are often reflected by the ground. Unfortunately, shades on the windshield and adjustable seats are often insufficient to solve the problem. For this reason, make sure to keep a pair of sunglasses in your glove-compartment.


Night begins to fall faster and our bodies tire more rapidly in half-light. Pay attention to taking regular breaks and make sure to frequently check your headlights so that you remain visible on the roads.


Do not forget to turn on your fog-lamps, but also pay attention to turning them off when you no longer need them. Fog-lamps can worsen vision when the light conditions are otherwise good and this could disturb other drivers as well. Remain careful at all times, for the fog can generate multiple optical effects: it varies from completely hiding certain obstacles to a veil-like effect that blurs contours.

Fallen leaves

Decomposing leaves make roads more slippery. In order to avoid a loss of control, refrain from braking suddenly while rolling over leaves and drive carefully in general, especially around wooded areas.


The rain of Fall is colder than Summer rain and the ground it falls on is cooler as well. This results in a weaker adhesion of the tires and consequently a higher risk of losing control of your vehicle. In addition to this, aquaplanning also represents a danger during the season as an additional layer of water covers the ground. For your safety and the safety of others, please mind your driving speed, avoid braking abruptly and keep a proper safety distance. Regularly check the condition of your de-icer and the level of de-icer liquid.