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The heavy-duty trailer is a non-motorized vehicle that is hitched to a truck. The combination of a truck and a trailer is called a trailer truck. Intended for the transport of goods, a trailer can have one or more axles to support its load. Road trailers (REM), like carriers, can have different bodies: platform, tipper, van, tarpaulin ... There are container trailers for combined transport (RETC) and specialized trailers (RESP) for a use other than the transport of goods: store, basket, concrete mixer or even caravan. An REM must be registered when its GVWR (Total Authorized Loaded Weight) exceeds 500 kg. When the gross vehicle weight of a trailer exceeds 3.5 tonnes, the regulations require an annual heavy goods vehicle inspection. The road trailer that we know is the descendant of horse-drawn carriages. After the invention of the tire in 1887, and the arrival of the first combustion engine trucks, modern trailers took off in the first half of the 20th century. Consult the used trailers advertisements of the main manufacturers: Fruehauf, Samro, Krone, Lecitrailer.
Planet-Trucks.com is a classified website of used, new or damaged trucks

A marketplace between buyers and sellers (buy and sell / leasing) from the truck and haulage business.

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