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Sleep apnea and truck driving

ECI - on 01/21/2020 05:05 pm - By
Miscellaneous Transport

Sleep apnea is a disease more common that we would think and it can entail dramatic consequences for drivers. Truck drivers are therefore at great risk and they shall be kept well-informed on the subject.

Sleep apnea and truck driving

Why sleep apnea shall not be ignored

A little less than 20% of the population suffers from sleep apnea whilst the sickness often remains unnoticed: it occurs during the night through pauses in breathing lasting for up to 30 seconds. The phenomenon, no matter how discreet, does not remain without effect. In fact, it sometimes entails a significant level of somnolence during the day, which can represent a genuine danger while driving. It is therefore really important for professionals of the field to signal de problem and to discuss it with a doctor in order to obtain an in-depth evaluation.

Truck driving: a profession highly exposed to risk

Truck drivers are more vulnerable to sleep apnea than the rest of the population. This can be explained by a number of risk factors which are closely linked to lifestyle. In particular, the sitting position held for long hours as well as the lack of any physical activity are among the risk factors. Moreover, the quality of the food consumed plays an equally important role when it comes to risk.

The treatment

Weight-loss, quitting smoking or even regular physical activity can give way to an improvement in the state of a driver suffering from sleep apnea. When necessarry, a specific treatment of the respiratory tracts is prescribed by the treating doctor. Sleep apnea is normally a treatable disease, for example with the help of a special mask to be kept on overnight which helps keeping the oxygen flowing into the lungs at the necessary pressure.

At an average, 30% of deadly road accidents are linked to somnolence. The correct assessment of one's state before sitting behind the wheel is therefore primordial for the safety of all. Should you ever wonder about your sleep quality, do not hesitate to make an appointment with a doctor who can run the necessary checks.