Tractor unit MAN TGX 1


Main characteristics

Range Tgx
Model 18.420-500 - 4x2 - bls - (sv)
Type of vehicle Tractor unit
Axles configuration 4x2
Empty weight -
GVWR 19 000 kg
Maximum allowable weight 44 000 kg
Max. front weight 7 500 kg
Max. back weight 13 000 kg
used MAN Used MAN TGX tractor unit
18.420-500 - 4x2 - BLS - (SV)

Measurements Tractor unit MAN TGX

18.420-500 - 4x2 - BLS - (SV)
XLXLXXXL (surélevée)
Wheel base363936393639

A / Overall length

5,875 m6,175 m5,875 m6,175 m5,875 m6,175 m

B / Width

2,500 m2,240 m2,440 m

C / Chassis cab width


D / Chassis cab width rear under-frame


E / Front overhang

1,475 m

F / Wheel base

3,600 m3,900 m3,600 m3,900 m3,600 m3,900 m

N / Rear overhang

0,800 m0,780 m

H1 / Empthy chassis height (front)


H1 / Loaded chassis height (front)


T / Empty cab height

3,265 m3,563 m3,788 m

Y / Minimum fifth wheel lead

0,231 m0,249 m0,244 m0,251 m0,219 m0,235 m

Y / Max. fifth wheel lead

0,840 m0,910 m0,740 m0,746 m0,677 m0,733 m

Y / Standard fifth wheel lead

0,585 m

Turning radius inbetween walls

7,500 m6,950 m6,450 m6,900 m6,450 m6,900 m


XLXLXXXL (surélevée)
Wheel base363936393639

Engines MAN D2676LF53 MAN D2676LF52 MAN D2676LF66

NameMAN D2676LF53MAN D2676LF53MAN D2676LF53
Engine size12.419 litres--
Bore × stroke126 mm x 166 mm--
Administrative power33 CV--
Max. power309 kW/420 ch à 1800 tr/min338 kW/460 ch à 1800 tr/min368 kW/500 ch à 1800 tr/min
Maximum torque2100 Nm entre 930 et 1350 tr/min2300 Nm entre 930 et 1350 tr/min2500 Nm entre 930 et 1350 tr/min
Catalyst and injection--
Oil capacity--
Cooling circuit (with retarder)--
Coolant (without retarder)--
Motor retarder - braking power--
  • : Standard equipment
  • : Equipments in option

Notes :

1 The information and pictures of this technical sheet are given on an indicative basis. All these data may be modified by the manufacturer. For more information, you can directly go to your dealership.