Characteristics - Used Schmitz Cargobull SKO multi temperature refrigerated semi-trailer Thermoking Schmitz Cargobull Thermo King Spectrum, Doble Piso, Plataforma, FRC 3 axles rear hatch

Semi-trailer Refrigerated
Main information
Client ref. : Nr.141
Website ref. : 2729431
Bodywork Refrigerated - Thermoking
Under bodywork Multi temperature
Make Schmitz Cargobull
Range (make : Schmitz Cargobull) SKO
Model Schmitz Cargobull Thermo King Spectrum, Doble Piso, Plataforma, FRC
Condition used
Date of first registration 04/02/2008
Options bodywork refrigerated
  • Rear hatch
  • Power take-off
Wheel base-
Height2.70 metres
Width2.50 metres
Length13.40 metres
Surface26 m2
Volume52 m³
Characteristics Schmitz Cargobull SKO
Axles 3 axles
Load capacity-
Empty weight-
Total loaded weight-
Maximum allowable weight-
Front tyres wear-
Rear tyres wear-
Front tyres dimension-
Rear tyres dimension-
Condition and dimension of tyres-
Equipment Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailer
  • Bulkhead
Additional information Schmitz Cargobull Schmitz...
Date of the last MOT test-
Expiry date of the MOT test-
Vehicle registration type-
Equipment Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailer
  • Air suspension
Schmitz Cargobull Thermo King Spectrum, Doble Piso, Plataforma, FRC

- Refrigerador: Thermo King Spectrum
- Dimensiones interna: 13.40 x 2.50 x 2.70m
- Altura interna: 2.70m
- Doble piso
- Bi-Multi-Temp.
- Toma de fuerza
- Ancho para flores
- Mampara
- Caja Palett
- Suspensión neumática
- Ejes SAF
- Plataforma hidráulica
- Neumáticos: 385/55R22,5 aprox. 15-30%

Muy buena condición! Trailer alemán! Precio de exportación!
Schmitz Tiefkühlauflieger mit Thermo King Kühlung

-Kühlaggregat: Thermo King Spectrum
-Laderaumhöhe: 2.70m
-L x B x H: 13.40 x 2.50 x 2.70m
-SAF Achsen
-Reifen: 385/55R22,5 ca.15-30%

Sehr guter Zustand! deutsches Fahrzeug! Exportpreis!
Schmitz Refrigerator with Thermo King cooling system

-Cooling engine: Thermo King Spectrum
-Inside high: 2.70m
-Power supply
-Flowers width
-Dividdin wall
-Dimensions: 13.40 x 2.50 x 2.70m
-Air Suspension
-SAF Axles
-Hydraulic platform
-Tyres: 385/55R22,5 ca.15-30 %

Very good condition! german trailer! Export price!
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