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Semi-trailer Heavy equipment transport
🇬🇧 Information in English:

Colour : Beige
payload weight : 36020 kg.

Make: Nooteboom
Type: MCO 48-03 V
Chassis number: XMRMC000010000079
Year: 02-03-2001


King-Pin load: 18.000 kg
Axle load: 10.000 kg per Axle
Total Axle load: 3 x 10.000 kg = 30.000 kg
GVW: 48.000 kg
Empty weight: 11980 kg
Loading Capacity: 36.020 kg


SAF Axles
Axle distance: 1360 mm
Tyres: 235 / 75 R17.5 Double fitted
Air suspension
Hydraulic steering


Total Length: 19.530 mm (13.130 mm + 6.400 mm)
Loading floor length: 9.230 mm
Loading floor extension: 6.400 mm
Max loading floor length: 15.630 mm
Loading floor width: 2.520 mm
Loading floor Height: 870 mm / 895 mm

Additional information

King pin 3,5”
Lashing rings
Marker boards for oversize load
Wheel stops
Central greasing
Stake pockets
Jost landing gear
Side protection
Stake pockets
Spare wheel
Spare wheel holder
Alu boards fitted at the gooseneck
Rear bumper with lights
Complete Inspection books (Prüfbuch)

Technical and Optical in good condition!

More information

General information
Bodywork: Semi low loader
Year of construction: 2001

Axle configuration
Make axles: SAF
Rear axle 1: Max. axle load: 10000 kg; Steering
Rear axle 2: Max. axle load: 10000 kg; Steering
Rear axle 3: Max. axle load: 10000 kg; Steering

Extendable superstructure: Yes

General condition: very good
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good

🇩🇪 Informationen auf Deutsch:

Aufbau: Semi-Tieflader
Konstruktionsjahr: 2001
Marke Achsen: SAF
Hinterachse 1: Max. Achslast: 10000 kg; Gelenkt
Hinterachse 2: Max. Achslast: 10000 kg; Gelenkt
Hinterachse 3: Max. Achslast: 10000 kg; Gelenkt
Allgemeiner Zustand: sehr gut
Technischer Zustand: sehr gut
Optischer Zustand: sehr gut

🇳🇱 Informatie in het Nederlands:

Algemene informatie
Opbouw: Semi-dieplader
Constructiejaar: 2001

Merk assen: SAF
Achteras 1: Max. aslast: 10000 kg; Meesturend
Achteras 2: Max. aslast: 10000 kg; Meesturend
Achteras 3: Max. aslast: 10000 kg; Meesturend

Uitschuifbare opbouw: Ja

Algemene staat: zeer goed
Technische staat: zeer goed
Optische staat: zeer goed

Année de construction : 2001,
Dimensions : 1980 x 250 x 159 cm,
Référence parc : fcbf84f8-a56f-11ea-87e5-42010aa4002c,
Informations pneus ou train de chaînes : Tyre size: 235 / 75 R17.5,
Nombre d'essieux : 3,
Longueur totale : 20m,
Largeur hors-tout : 3m,
Suspension d'essieu,
Capacité : 36tonnes,
Capacité maximum : 36tonnes,
Suspension : Pneumatique,
Charge utile : 36.02tonnes,
Encombrement en hauteur : 1.59m,
Poids : 11.98kg,
Capacité de chargement : 36020kg,
Marque de la semi-remorque : Nooteboom,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Jumelés,
Couleur : Beige
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