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Characteristics - Used Mercedes Actros standard tractor unit 3341 6x6 Diesel Euro 3

Tractor unit Standard
Main information
Client ref. : 908778
Website ref. : 2384767
Bodywork Standard
Make Mercedes
Range (make : Mercedes) Actros
Model 3341
Condition used
Date of first registration 03/25/2004
Additional information Mercedes 3341
GearboxAutomatic transmission
Date of last Tachograph check-up-
Date of the last MOT test-
Expiry date of the MOT test-
Vehicle registration type-
Load capacity-
Empty weight8.5 Tonnes
Total loaded weight-
Maximum allowable weight-
Equipment Mercedes tractor unit
  • Mechanical suspension
  • ABS
  • Gearbox controller
Characteristics Mercedes Actros
Power410 HP
Engine size-
Mileage36 932 km
Axles 6x6
Characteristics Mercedes Actros
AdBlue tank capacity-
Euro norm3
AdBlue tank location-
Wheel base-
Options bodywork standard
  • Power take-off
Cabin specifics Actros
Cab height-
Cabin length-
Cabin typeFold-out
Front tyres wear-
Rear tyres wear-
Front tyres dimension-
Rear tyres dimension-
Condition and dimension of tyres-
=== Information in English ===
1 Bed
3 Pedals
6x4 / 6x6

Bodywork: Standard tractor
Cab: day
Axle 1: Differential lock; Reduction: hub reduction
Axle 2: Differential lock; Reduction: hub reduction
Axle 3: Differential lock; Reduction: hub reduction
Registration number: CUXBF206

=== Informationen auf Deutsch ===
1 Bed
3 Pedale
6x4 / 6x6

Aufbau: Standard-SZM
Kabine: Tag
Achse 1: Differenzialsperre; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen
Achse 2: Differenzialsperre; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen
Achse 3: Differenzialsperre; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen
Kennzeichen: CUXBF206

=== Informatie in het Nederlands ===
1 Bed
3 pedalen
6x4 / 6x6

Opbouw: Standaard trekker
Cabine: dag
As 1: Differentieelslot; Reductie: naafreductie
As 2: Differentieelslot; Reductie: naafreductie
As 3: Differentieelslot; Reductie: naafreductie
Kenteken: CUXBF206
Référence parc : 27676,
Année de construction : 2004,
Nombre de roues motrices : 6,
Nombre d'essieux : 3,
Dévers hydraulique,
Suspension d'essieu,
châssis pendulaire,
Type de transmission : Semi-automaat,
Poids : 8.5kg,
Anti démarrage,
Cruise control,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Jumelés
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