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Semi-trailer Heavy equipment transport
🇬🇧 Information in English:

Colour : Blue
payload weight : 72000 kg.
Cargo floor height : 40 cm.

Make: Broshuis
Type: 4ABD Extendable Low Loader
Chassis number: XNJ00000J13001236 / XNJ44H5GX13H01236
Year: 2014


King-Pin load: 35.000 kg
Axle load: 14.000 kg
Total Axle load: 4 x 14.000 kg = 56.000 kg
GVW: 91.000 kg
Empty weight: 19.000 kg
Loading Capacity: 72.000 kg

Serial no. XNJ00000J13001236

Broshuis Gooseneck
Loading Capacity: 35.000 kg
King Pin size 3,5”
Hydraulic detachable
Fast couple system
Hydraulic operating handles and panel
Hatz Diesel Power Pack – 1D81C
- Serial No. 0732713 189275
Spare Wheel Holder
Multiple Toolboxes
Central Greasing
Marker Boards for Oversize load
Aluminium Boards

Chassis No. XNJ44H5GX13H01236

Gigant Axles
Independent Hydraulic Suspension
Hydraulic Power Steering
Tyres: 285 / 70 R19.5 Double fitted
High Low valve / handles
Central greasing
Remote control connection
Prepared for Twist Locks
Lashing rings
Excavator through
Orange warning light


Total Length: 26.780 mm ( 1.000 mm + 20.280 mm + 5.500 mm)
Loading floor length: 8.000 mm
Loading floor extension: 5.500 mm
Max loading floor length: 13.500 mm
Loading floor width: 1.350 mm
Loading floor height: 400 mm
Bogie width: 2.750
Bogie height: 1.160 MM

Technical and optical in very good condition

More information

General information
Year of construction: 2014

Axle configuration
Make axles: Gigant
Rear axle 1: Steering
Rear axle 2: Steering
Rear axle 3: Steering
Rear axle 4: Steering

Height of cargo floor: 40 cm
Extendable superstructure: Yes

General condition: very good
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good

🇩🇪 Informationen auf Deutsch:

Allgemeine Informationen
Konstruktionsjahr: 2014

Marke Achsen: Gigant
Hinterachse 1: Gelenkt
Hinterachse 2: Gelenkt
Hinterachse 3: Gelenkt
Hinterachse 4: Gelenkt

Höhe der Ladefläche: 40 cm

Allgemeiner Zustand: sehr gut
Technischer Zustand: sehr gut
Optischer Zustand: sehr gut

🇳🇱 Informatie in het Nederlands:

Algemene informatie
Constructiejaar: 2014

Merk assen: Gigant
Achteras 1: Meesturend
Achteras 2: Meesturend
Achteras 3: Meesturend
Achteras 4: Meesturend

Hoogte laadvloer: 40 cm
Uitschuifbare opbouw: Ja

Algemene staat: zeer goed
Technische staat: zeer goed
Optische staat: zeer goed

Année de construction : 2014,
Dimensions : 2678 x 275 x 116 cm,
Référence parc : 3d27c69b-c5a6-11ea-87e5-42010aa4002c,
Informations pneus ou train de chaînes : Tyre size: 285 / 70 R19.5,
Nombre d'essieux : 4,
Longueur totale : 27m,
Largeur hors-tout : 3m,
Suspension d'essieu,
Capacité : 72tonnes,
Capacité maximum : 72tonnes,
Suspension : Hydraulique,
Charge utile : 72tonnes,
Encombrement en hauteur : 1.16m,
Poids : 19kg,
Capacité de chargement : 72000kg,
Marque de la semi-remorque : Broshuis,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Jumelés,
Couleur : Bleu foncé
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