Semi-trailer Heavy equipment transport


Description of the vehicle

According to the picture shown
Own weight of the vehicle with filling cavities: ..... .12.200 kg
Net weight of the vehicle without fillings: ..... .. ... .10.700 kg
Administrative DMC: ............................... .. ......... 43.000 kg
Permissible payload: ................................... .. .... 30.800 kg
Maximum load on the saddle: ..................... ......... 13000 kg

- Frame made of high quality STRENX 700MC steel
- Chassis: 3 SAF axles with a technical capacity of 11,000 kg each.
- The first lifting axle
- The last steering axle
- Steering axle locking system over 30 km / h.
- Automatic locking of the steering axle when reversing the vehicle.

- Coupling plate with 2 "royal bolt from JOST.
- Edging with a galvanized extension.
- Two two-leg support legs with a capacity of 12 tons each.
- Tubeless tires GOODYEAR 235/75 R 17.5 - 13 pieces with steel rims.

- 45 mm thick flooring, hardwood + grooved steel sheet.
- Extension of the trailer up to 3000mm with hardwood planks.
- Handles for securing loads - 20 items
- Raids on a steel balcony.
- One-beam extension, 6000mm long, pneumatically blocked every 500mm
- Sliding shelf on the 700 mm wide draw beam with the possibility of sliding and blocking every 500mm along with fillings.
- Constructional hollows of the periphery on the wheels of the transported load.
- Galvanized steel fillings in construction cavities.
- Front as a toolbox.

- Two-wire.
- Parking brake (parking) pneumatic.
- EBS type: 4S / 3M.
- ALB (braking force control depending on the weight of the load).

- Pneumatic with a constant ride height regardless of the weight of the load.
- Two pneumatic connection sockets and ABS / EBS socket.
- HS valve (height adjustment on pillows).
- Shock absorbers - 2 pieces per axle.

- 24 Volt system (compliant with ECE standards).

- Two wheel chocks with mounting.
- Tool box with keys placed on the balcony.
- Inner wheel arches made of corrugated metal.
- Side walls anodized 400 mm high.
- ALUMINUM ALUMINUM TRAILERS, length: 2500mm and width: 600mm
- Extension boards with LED lighting - 4 pcs.

- Sandblasted steel surfaces and anti-corrosive.
- Two layers of primer paint.
- Painting in one color, high-quality acrylic paints.

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