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Volvo Trucks : the FMX autonomous trucks sent to the mines

09/22/2016 04:11:06 pm
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Volvo Trucks

A few months ago, the Swedish make first introduced their autonomous trucks. In September 2016, a new video shows the first autonomous FMX truck in a Boliden-owned mine in Kristineberg in northern Sweden.

Volvo Trucks : the FMX autonomous trucks sent to the mines

FMX autonomous trucks for a better productivity

In the future, the Volvo FMX autonomous trucks might interest profesionnals of the mining business. Indeed, this type of vehicle is safe and increases productivity since an autonomous truck can work continuously.

On a daily basis, truck drivers must usually wait until the mine gallery has been ventilated before loading ore. Thanks to the Volvo Trucks autonomous trucks these constraints don't exist anymore.

Technologies adapted to mining

In general, autonomous trucks use cameras that film the road. The videos are processed and analysed. However, in a mine, normal cameras are ineffective. That's whyn these Volvo FMX are equipped with a system incorporating radar/laser-based sensors. This system monitors the mine's geometry and generates a map of the route the truck can traverse. Thus, the vehicle can drive in the dark.

As safe as a manually driven truck

Two sensors included in the truck's system always monitor the truck's surroundings. If a fault occurs, it can be remotely operated from the transport management centre.

A video to look at the project

As usual, Volvo Trucks published a video on their Youtube channel to promote the project. This video showcases the Volvo FMX at 1 320 metre deep in the Boliden mines in Kristineberg.




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